Entitydatasource include where parameters

EmployeeEntityDataSource.Where = "it.Person_ID = " + selectQuery.ToString(). This successfully reduces the data in the gridview to the one appropriate user. If the user has the next step in access, they should be able to see themselves plus all the employees that work for them.

There were other restrictions on the Include and Where properties as well. Basically what I want to do is when a menu item is selected in say Customer grid, navigate to the related grid (Orders) and How can I use the where parameter of the EntityDataSource to filter by where in, where in... (2 tables up)?

report.DataSource = entityDataSource; Dim entityDataSource As New Telerik.Reporting.EntityDataSource(). entityDataSource.Context = GetType(AdventureWorksEntities) entityDataSource.ContextMember = "GetProducts" entityDataSource.Parameters.Add("color"...

Where="it.ORDER_ID IN {@OrderIdList}" (this is a property on the EntityDataSource). The next thing I tried was setting the Where clause in code-behind and this all works except I can't get data binding on DropDownLists to work.

internal WebControlParameterProxy(Parameter parameter, ParameterCollection parameterCollection, EntityDataSource entityDataSource) {. ParameterCollection parameters = GetParameters(propertyName, designer); string label = GetStatementLabel(propertyName, false)

The EntityDataSource control allows you to define several parameters that can be used with the @ paramName syntax inside various properties, including Select, Where, and CommandText. These ParameterCollection objects include CommandParameters, DeleteParameters, OrderByParameters...

Using this as an EntityDataSource, with an Include to the secondary table:

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Name the parameter DepartmentID , select Control as the Parameter source value, and select DepartmentsDropDownList as the ControlID value. Notice that the EntityDataSource control's Include property is set to Department . In the database, the Course table does not contain the...

Are there plans to add (include) parameters support to the include tags so that they can be used like pseudo functions?

SQL statements and stored procedures often include parameters that are evaluated at run time. An SQL statement written with parameters is referred to as a parameterized SQL statement. When using the SqlDataSource control, you can specify SQL queries and statements that use parameters.

Entity DataSource Where parameter. 2013-06-06 15:33 Dineshp imported from Stackoverflow. entitydatasource. I have and entity datasource and i would like to add a where parameter so as to filter information.

Named parameters are query parameters that are prefixed with a colon (:). Named parameters in a query are bound to an argument by the following method: javax.persistence.Query.setParameter(String name, Object value).

Filtering EntityDataSource with Parameters from a another page. i have two pages, a Master I have an EntityDataSource I've mapped to the entity Resident which includes two navigation properties Where and AutoGenerateWhere in EntityDataSource. I keep getting this error and I think it's a Bug...

When I use this select in a entitydatasource.CommandText: CommandText="SELECT it.[LiteratureID], it.[ReleaseDate], it.[Title], it.[Text], it.[ThreadID], it.[Added], (SELECT COUNT(fp.PostID) FROM ForumPosts AS fp WHERE fp.ThreadID = it.[ThreadID] AND fp.Status = 1)...

However my parameter tpe is character so the selection filter WHERE BCT.Code IN ( @Parm_list ) did not worked since I believe the values are coming in comma separated BUT without quotes. Is there a flag somewhere in SSRS to tell it to include the quotes ?

Using the EntityDataSource "Where" Property to Filter Data. Open the Students.aspx page that you created in the previous tutorial. Name the parameter DepartmentID, select Control as the Parameter source value, and select DepartmentsDropDownList as the ControlID value.

When I delete the Where clause, my gridview returns all records. PaymentsDueEntityDataSource.Where = "it.UserName = @UserID"; PaymentsDueEntityDataSource.WhereParameters.Add(new Parameter("UserID", TypeCode.Int32...

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     · Nevermind, I'm able to use the where clause now. I think I might have had the syntax wrong before. However, I still have a question. How can I use the where parameter of the EntityDataSource to filter by where in, where in... (2 tables up)? For example, say we have Customers, Orders and Parts. Each Customer can have multiple Orders, each Order has multiple Parts. I'm on the parts page and I …

    1. I am new to ASP.NET and could use some help writing a where clause for my EntityDataSource. I have the following EDS: .

    When the AutoGenerateWhereClause property of the EntityDataSource control is set to true, the control automatically generates a WHERE clause from the parameters in the ParameterCollection of the WhereParameters property. The Name property of each parameter has to match an entity type property name that is included in the query results.


     · I want to filter entitydatasource by multiple selections. Entitydatasource is as follows

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