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     · Bish is a form of bitch, a disparaging, offensive slur for a woman. This alternative spelling and pronunciation comes across as much less aggressive—and is …

    More slang meanings / definitions of Bish is British slang for a mistake. or words, sentences containing Bish is British slang for a mistake.? Slangy (a.): Of or pertaining to slang; of the nature of slang; disposed to use slang. Mistake (v. t.): To take in a wrong sense; to misunderstand misapprehend, or misconceive; as, to mistake a remark; to mistake one's meaning. Slang (v. t.): To address ...

    Bish. Soft and loving term for "bitch". A very good friend that you have known for an extremely long time; she's like a sister, but has the tendency to be a bitch at times. Despite her bitchiness, you love …

    The meaning of BISH does not have to be exclusively one of those listed above, as this abbreviation may have different meanings that have not been included. In other words, the abbreviation BISH may be used for other connotations not included in the list, since depending on the language or country where this abbreviation is used it may have another or other meanings.

    Texting BISH abbreviation meaning defined here. What does BISH stand for in Texting? Get the top BISH abbreviation related to Texting. What does BISH stand for in Texting? Get the top BISH abbreviation related to Texting.

    In the dictionary cwtch, which has long been a familiar word in the Welsh language, was given two definitions: noun (Welsh) 1. a cupboard or cubbyhole. 2. a cuddle or hug. ...The word has its origins in the Middle English word " couche " which meant a resting or hiding place.

    What does the name Bisch mean in other origin if you know then please suggest. Further suggestion or detail on what is the meaning of name Bisch. History of name and famous personality with Bisch will help to update our database and other website users. Name Of The Day. Justin . Someone who is just and righteous . The name is derived from the Latin words "istunus" or "iustus", which means ...

    What does Bisch stand for? Bisch meaning of name. 5 surprising meanings. Unique baby name ideas like Bisch. Find the meaning of your name.

    Name and meaning/definition of BISCH. BISCH is a Male baby name and it's origin is Swiss. The Male name BISCH means: , baptizer. In Swiss, the name BISCH is most often used as a Male name. And in Swiss, the Male name BISCH means , baptizer. Trending & Popular Articles. Financing Property Development . If you are a landlord, investor or property developer there is a wide range of finance ...

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