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    Arisaema ciliatum liubaense CT369. A stunning species with radiating foliage from a central stem and flower spathes of a brown & white colour. More Details. Arisaema costatum. Price: £7.00 A very attractive species with large trifoliate leaves with fine red edges and impressive red/brown and white flowers.

    The best time to buy and plant arisaema bulbs is during dormancy usually in fall, many flower in early spring and can be given time to settle in from early fall and over winter. Very popular with collectors for the fascinating and often dramatic flowers, there are now a large number of species available for sale from online nurseries.

    Arisaema concinnum (Jack-in-the-Pulpit) Family: Araceae Zone: 6 - 9 Natural Range: Northwest India through the Himalayan mountain range into Myanmar Soil: moist, humus rich, well drained Light: part shade Height: 36" tall Attributes: Deciduous. Blooms spring to early summer. Green pseudostem, Carmine and white with green striped inflorescens.

    Arisaema. The species that we offer are hardy plants for the open garden, unless specifically noted in their individual descriptions. They will almost all be happy in light, partial or dappled shade. Again, exceptions are noted.

    arisaema jacquemontii Family: Araceae This striking native from Afghanistan to Tibet has been described as a plant of El Greco-esque proportions, with a deep, narrow bright-green- with-white-stripes spathe, a hood that rises up instead of curving down, and ends in a long whip, a spadix with a long and purple-black or green whip, and multi-fingered leaves!

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