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    In Zoroastrianism as reflected in the Avesta, Ahura Mazdā is identified with Spenta Mainyu and is directly opposed to Angra Mainyu. Ahura Mazdā is all-wise, bounteous, undeceiving, and the creator of everything good. The beneficent and evil spirits are conceived as mutually limiting, coeternal beings, the one above and the other beneath, with the world in between as their battleground. In late sources (3rd …


     · The company that makes Mazda vehicles was originally named “Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd”, as a producer of manufacturing machine tools. The name “Mazda” appeared in 1931 with the Mazda-Go auto rickshaw. While every vehicle produced by the company from that point carried the Mazda name, the company itself did not adopt the name until 1984. Where did the name come from? …

    The Dualistic Truth of Good and Evil Ahura Mazda,also known as the First Heaven. A world under the rule of The Truth, ... Those who were "Evil" were described as "prideful and beautiful" beings who carried out atrocities without a hint of maliciousness in them, while those who were "Good" were described as "rough and dangerous" beings driven by hatred and resentment, destroying both the enemy ...

    Ahura is a male protagonist in Kiru-Acu, Kiru-Acu 2, Kiru-Acu Corrupted Wolrd and Kiru-Acu: Allegiance of One. Ahura was created by the Mazda Federation on Earth during an advanced war which led to the banning of genetic experimentation. Ahura is the product of genetic and robotic research by the Mazda Federation before Starfleet and the United Earth Government stopped the conflict between ...


     · Ahura Mazda then created Gayomard, the archetypical perfect man, and Gavaevodata, the primordial bovine. While Ahura Mazda created the universe and humankind, Angra Mainyu, whose very nature is to destroy, miscreated demons, evil daevas, and noxious creatures (khrafstar) such as snakes, ants, and flies. Angra Mainyu created an opposite, evil being for each good being, except for humans, …

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    Ahura Mazda - I Hardly Know Where To Begindirected by Marc Bollmann (Selector Sparkles)Ahura Mazda is Craig Marlowe, Solomon Blaylock, and Mark Berends

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